Meghan Beatty

Licensed Massage Therapist

Orthopedic and Sports Massage

Raffaella Pasquale is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Orthopedic Movement Specialist, Nutrition Counselor, DONA Trained Birth Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor and Childbirth Educator. She has specialties in Orthopedics / Pain Management and Women's Health including GYN, Fertility, Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery Prep, and Postpartum Care. She incorporates the following techniques into her treatments: Chinese and Japanese acupuncture, muscle release therapy, cupping therapy, graston technique, corrective movement exercises, nutritional counseling and MAT muscle testing. Raffaella is a volunteer with the Birthing Gently Volunteer Birth Doula program at MGH and she also frequently travels to East Africa for volunteer missions. She is also the manager of the Wakefield Wellness practice and the COO of Acumobility. 

Brad Cox is a Functional Movement Specialist, Licensed Acupuncturist and the Co-Founder of Wakefield Wellness Center and Acumobility.  Brad specializes in the treatment of Professional and Amateur Athletes including:  Olympic Athletes, Professional Strongmen and Powerlifters, Elite Ultra-marathoners, Competitive Crossfitters, Triathletes, Martial Artists, Cyclists, Swimmers, and anyone looking to move or exercise better.  

Brad has also worked with hundreds of elite and amateur runners and has developed a complete system called ACU-RUNNING to treat and rebuild the underlying pre-stride biomechanics of a natural running stride.  

Dr. Sonia Pasquale D.C., Lic.Ac. is a Chiropractor, Sports Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist, Movement Specialist, Nutrition Counselor and Co-Founder of Wakefield Wellness Center and Acumobility.  She has specialties in Orthopedics, Functional Movement Analysis, Functional Medicine and Women's Health.  She incorporates advanced Chiropractic and Acupuncture manual techniques to create a unique integrative approach to treatment.  

Dr. Pasquale works with both Elite and Novice athletes to help them achieve their individual physical goals. She specializes in identifying the underlying deficiencies that cause disease and uses a combination of her techniques to achieve Health and Wellness.  She has specialties in Orthopedics, Functional Movement Analysis, Functional Medicine, Women's Health, Fertility, IVF, Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery. 

Brad Cox

Licensed Acupuncturist

Movement Specialist


Michaila Silvano has been an Office Manager at Wakefield Wellness Center since 2014. She previously worked as a Manager for customer service at Wilson Farms Inc. She was born and raised in Wakefield and graduated from Wakefield High in 2011. Michaila is currently seeking her Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Management from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. 

Michaila truly loves her work here at Wakefield Wellness. It is important to her that each person that walks through the door gets the most of their Wakefield Wellness experience. She is always willing to go the extra mile for our patients! 

Chris Lehmann, Lic. Ac., MAOM, Dipl. OM, is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist who earned a Masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the New England School of Acupuncture (NESA),  , Lic.Ac., MAOM, Dipl. OM.  He is also FMS certified, a Movement Specialist and ACU-Running Coach.  

Chris Specializes in Orthopedic Acupuncture and functional movement analysis working with all kinds of Athletes.  He focuses on balancing the body through Acupuncture and manual therapies to enhance proper biomechanics with an emphasis in sports medicine and injury prevention.


Dr. Sonia Pasquale

Chiropractic Physician

Licensed Acupuncturist

Movement Specialist


Meghan is a Ninja Warrior and Orthopedic + Sports Massage Therapist.  As a longtime Athlete, Meghan has a passion for movement and mobility.  Meghan combines her understanding of functional movement into her treatments to create a really dynamic and unique experience.  She also uses really innovative techniques including:  Functional Movement Analysis, Active Release Technique, Graston/scraping techniques, Cupping, Flossing, Stretching, Mobility training and movement restoration.  While Meghan also offers a standard relaxing Massage, she also offers clients many innovative techniques to help them move better, feel better, and perform better!  

Chris Lehmann

Chinese Herbalist

Movement Specialist

Michaila Silvano

Office Manager

Raffaella Pasquale

Licensed Acupuncturist

Movement Specialist

DONA trained Doula